James Clarke Bailey

I was born in Los Angeles and grew up on a ranch in the central coast of California. I have always had music in my  heart and hands. Writing is a passion that has continued to grow as I have.

Music a form of expression and communication that reaches all types of people where they are, or helps them understand where others are. Songs are a great way to package messages and focus energy on a specific piece of life’s journey. Songs have the power to heal, strengthen, and unite us, which is something I believe to be important for humans. So this is probably why I do it, or how I see the reason behind music creation.

More about my music …

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The music video of my new song „Full of Fighting“  cool

Gibson Les Paul Give-away!

Folks, we found a great home for the Gibson Les Paul. This was our presentation with Christos and his students at XS Music.

I’ve always been very appreciative of teachers who can inspire kids to dream big and become all they wish to be, so it was a treat to give this school something they can really use!

It was so much fun that we’re gonna do something very similar with the next song in a couple months, so keep in touch!

Click here to watch the video!

My new CD „Full of Fighting“ is now available here  !


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