Music is my passion, it’s just something I do. It’s a form of expression and communication that reaches all types of people where they are, or helps them understand where others are. Songs are a great way to package messages and focus energy on a specific piece of life’s journey. Songs have the power to heal, strengthen, and unite us, which is something I believe to be important for humans. So this is probably why I do it, or how I see the reason behind music creation.

I’m the only member of my family who really does this stuff, so I’ve always had to find my own way. That’s probably why I’ve taken on so many aspects of music performance and creation throughout the years. I grew up with country music and rock & roll, but I make music in any genre that comes to my head.

As a teenager, I was in a band and we recorded an album in a studio. That experience left me with the belief that I could become a studio engineer myself, so that’s what I did. I also learned to play many instruments, so that I could write and record full songs without bothering other musicians to complete my projects. Now that I’m older and technology has become so advanced, I’ve learned the value in getting other people involved in areas they are better at than me.

Bomb Shack Records is a company I started many years ago as a way to get my music published and recorded without becoming dependent on typical record labels and contracts.

Besides songwriting I am the singer of a German-based country band called NightHawk, with whom I tour throughout Europe every year.


Full of Fighting  –  James Clarke Bailey

© 2020 Bomb Shack Records

01. Full Of Fighting YouTube CDBaby
02. Green Eyes YouTube CDBaby
03. Part Of My Life YouTube CDBaby
01. Full Of Fighting (James Clarke Bailey) YouTube CDBaby
02. Green Eyes (James Clarke Bailey) YouTube CDBaby
03. Part Of My Life (James Clarke Bailey) YouTube CDBaby

Everything is Alright   –  NightHawk

© 2013 Bomb Shack Records

01. Everything Is Alright

02. Tin Man

03. Freak On A Leash

04. Crashes And Burns

05. Here I Go Again

06. Hot Dogs And Beer

07. Aimee

08. You

09. Along The Way

10. Stomp A Hole In It

11. Friend

12. ProXplosion

01. Everything Is Alright (James Clarke Bailey)
02. Tin Man (Stephan Jered Horton)
03. Freak On A Leash (James Shaffer, David Silveria, Brian Welch, Jonathan Davis, Reginald Arvizu)
04. Crashes And Burns (Matthias Braun)
05. Here I Go Again (David Coverdale, Bernie Marsden)
06. Hot Dogs And Beer (James Clarke Bailey)
07. Aimee (James Clarke Bailey)
08. You (Achim Rausch)
09. Along The Way (James Clarke Bailey)
10. Stomp A Hole In It (James Clarke Bailey, Stephan Jered Horton)
11. Friend (James Clarke Bailey)
12. ProXplosion (Arndt Müller)

Guest Appearances:

Matthias Braun vocals on „Crashes And Burns“

Dietmar Wächtler pedal steel guitar on „Friend“

Yvonne Schneider vocals on „Tin Man“

FrustRated –  James Clarke Bailey

© 2010 Bomb Shack Records

01. Frustrated

02. Beggar

03. What You Got

04. The Storm

05. Golden

06. Flying Around My Mind

07. Do Or Die

08. Wake Up Time

09. Hey Now

10. Chains Of My Heart

11. You’ll Never Change

12. Hey Boy

13. One Chance

14. Impossibility

15. Good Luck

16. Wild World

01. Frustrated (James Clarke Bailey)
02. Beggar (James Clarke Bailey)
03. What You Got (James Clarke Bailey)
04. The Storm (James Clarke Bailey)
05. Golden (James Clarke Bailey)
06. Flying Around My Mind (James Clarke Bailey)
07. Do Or Die (James Clarke Bailey)
08. Wake Up Time (James Clarke Bailey)
09. Hey Now (James Clarke Bailey)
10. Chains Of My Heart (James Clarke Bailey)
11. You’ll Never Change (James Clarke Bailey)
12. Hey Boy (James Clarke Bailey)
13. One Chance (James Clarke Bailey)
14. Impossibility (James Clarke Bailey)
15. Good Luck (James Clarke Bailey)
16. Wild World (Cat Stevens)